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Welcome to the new web site of Microbiology and Immunology On-line from the Department of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine

This web site is based on our second year medical student course. The English part of the web site contains six sections: Immunology, Bacteriology, Virology, Parasitology, Mycology and Infectious Disease. In the latter, microbiology is put in a clinical setting.

Some sections of the book have been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Albanian, Slovak, Arabic and Farsi

Each chapter of the site may be accessed in html format by clicking on the orange chapter number in the chapter lists.

There are no password-protected pages. The pdf notes are no longer available but you can make you own pdf version of a page by using a service on the Share and Bookmark link at the left of each page. We find PDFmyURL works well.

We are currently restoring the PowerPoint files with a link at the top left of the appropriate page. If there is no link, a PowerPoint is not available

In addition to the web pages, there are now more than 80 lectures in audio (mp3), video (mpeg4) and slide show formats

Recommended Textbooks

We recommend the following textbooks to our students:

Immunology by Male et al.
Medical Microbiology by Murray et al.

Follow this logo here or on any page to a list of files formatted for reading on a Smart Phone. All images and links have been removed from these text-only files for easy reading.




The Albanian, Spanish and Portuguese translations of this book are growing. We also have a few chapters in Farsi and Slovak. If you are a professor in a non-English speaking country and would like to translate this book into your language, please let us know. Please use this email address

First page in Arabic

 الجهاز المناعي الفطري غير المتخص
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New section in Slovak


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